We know you have a choice when vibing on a band, and we'd like to thank you for choosing Mr. December. Now please unfasten your safety restraints and enjoy the ride.
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Mr. December  All Rights Reserved 2013-2015   All Photos by PHIL KAMPEL PHOTOGRAPHY  All Rights Reserved 2013-2015 
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"You can't define Mr.December's sound as other than GREAT! They blend Rock, Soul, R & B and Blues music... all together with a lineup of talent that is inspirational. I love jamming with them, and listening to them play!"
                                            - Frank Hannon ( Tesla )

"Let it be known that this good "sangin sista" tis all that a bowl of Gumbo!! Great personality, dynamis , an uuuhhhhh -weee fine an always make me sound & look good . Thank you, young lady for sharing the stage with me." 
 - Rick Stevens (Former lead singer of Tower of Power)

" I think the band KICKS ASS, and makes it all happen!!." 
                                          - Lydia Pense (Cold Blood)

 “I love this. Good concept. Dana knows how to relax and burn all at the same time. This band is really good!”
         -Sam Andrew (Big Brother & the Holding Comany)

​​"You don't really listen to Mr. December as much as you EXPERIENCE Mr. December​.​ ​It's something that just happens to you and may change your life forever! What a tremendous experience when you take some of the most talented musicians on the planet, add one of the best voices you'll ever hear, ​stir it all up with a lotta funk and blues; ​crank up the amps and go!​ The Mr December Band Rocks!​​"                  -Doug Thomas (DJ- 96.9 THE EAGLE)

"At first glance, Mr. December might seem like another one in an endless stream of bands playing a little bit of funk, a side of rock 'n' roll, tossed with a bit of soul and blues. But with frontwoman Dana Moret belting out her own take on Stevie Wonder's “Superstition” or vocalizing on “Telling Lies” (one of the band's many originals)—backed by some serious musicians—it's clear that Mr. December is different. Moret's voice ranges from sultry jazz singer to hard-hitting blues rocker."     -Trina L. Drotar (Sac News & Review)
Swabbie's on the River
Sacramento, CA 
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