Dana Moret & Mr. December All Rights Reserved 2007-2017 / All Photos by PHIL KAMPEL PHOTOGRAPHY  All Rights Reserved 2007-2017
"You can't define Mr.December's sound as other than GREAT! They blend Rock, Soul, R & B and Blues music... all together with a lineup of talent that is inspirational. I love jamming with them, and listening to them play!"
    - Frank Hannon ( Tesla )

"Let it be known that this good "sangin sista" tis all that a bowl of Gumbo!! Great personality, dynamis , an uuuhhhhh -weee fine an always make me sound & look good . Thank you, young lady for sharing the stage with me." 
 - Rick Stevens
 (Former lead singer of Tower of Power)

" I think the band KICKS ASS, and makes it all happen!!." 
   - Lydia Pense (Cold Blood)

 “I love this. Good concept. Dana knows how to relax and burn all at the same time. This band is really good!”
   -Sam Andrew
 (Big Brother & the Holding Comany)
1/21 - The Torch Club, Sacramento
3/31 - The Torch Club, Sacramento
4/15 - JB Lounge, Rancho Cordova
5/13 - Benefit Concert - Trio
5/13 - The Torch Club, Sacramento
7/1 - Private Party
7/7 - Swabbies , Sacramento
With Lydia Pense & Cold Blood 
9/9 - Swabbies, Sacramento
With The Beer Dawgs!