Seven diverse talents merge to take you on a musical journey with a little soul, a little rock, a little funk and a little blues
​Dana Moret & Mr. December is a hard hitting, soulful, funk/rock band hailing from Sacramento Ca. 
With a unique take on some of your forgotten favorites and a diverse selection of original tunes, Mr. D doesn't ever stay in one genre. Complete with a notable guitar section and a set of horns that sets any dance floor on fire, this band is host to some of Northern California's most experienced musicians. Fronted by up and coming vocalist Dana Moret, the band has shared the stage with award winning acts like LOS LOBOS, PABLO CRUISE, FRANK HANNON & JEFF KEITH  of TESLA and LYDIA PENSE & COLD BLOOD and many more. The band's energy and signature sounds have attracted audiences of all ages in every type of performance. 
Dana Moret & Mr. December All Rights Reserved 2007-2017 / All Photos by PHIL KAMPEL PHOTOGRAPHY  All Rights Reserved 2007-2017

"You don't really listen to Mr. December as much as you EXPERIENCE Mr. December​.​ ​It's something that just happens to you and may change your life forever! What a tremendous experience when you take some of the most talented musicians on the planet, add one of the best voices you'll ever hear, ​stir it all up with a lotta funk and blues; ​crank up the amps and go!​ The Mr December Band Rocks!​​" - Doug Thomas (DJ- 96.9 THE EAGLE)
DANA MORET - Vocals   JAMES  PAPASTATHIS III- Guitar   STEVE DUNNE - Guitar    LARRY DAVIS - Bass    PETER PHILIS - Drums    LAWRENCE GEE - Trumpet    OTIS MOURNING -  Sax and Stuff..